Villarboit Development Corporation

Villarboit Development Corporation ("VDC") is a Toronto based developer of high quality retail properties with a 25 year history of profitable growth. The Company is fully integrated, with in house capabilities for all primary aspects of the development business including acquisitions, site planning, construction, and leasing. It also provides construction services to select national retailers, and other third party developers.

The company strengths are centered on a passion for quality, and focus on the needs of its clients and tenants. These strengths, along with flexibility and project commitment, are hallmarks of Villarboit's historical success.

VDC has successfully built strong relationships with decision-makers at many key retailers through its solid historical performance on developments and construction projects. These relationships and operating history allow the Company to reduce the risk and increase the returns of new developments. The Company also has completed projects in land development and zoning for industrial, office, and residential homebuilding sectors, giving it a unique perspective on development options for any particular site.

Villarboit Realty Partners

Villarboit Realty Partners was created in 2010 to address the capital requirements of VDC's existing developments, and to take advantage of its growing business opportunities through institutional and high net worth asset management, new acquisitions, equity and debt financing of third party developers and owners, capital advisory, and the creation of long-term ownership vehicles.